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Learning Creole Audio

I would say learn as many nouns in french as possible...this will form a good basis for you to then build up your creole.

21 Aug 2017 17:15

How much does it cost to post something to another country?

At the bottom of the postal charges section - you will see "Overseas Mail" section.
Depending on the weight of your mail and type of mail - then a price is given.

There is also a link for parcels at the top of the page - to UK - a parcel up to 0.5kg is 874Rs. Each additional 0.5kg or fraction thereof is charged at 86Rs. Maximum weight of parcel is 30kg.

Then customs fees of about 6Rs.

Hope that helps!

21 Aug 2017 17:12

Where can I get Rasmalai in Port-Louis?

Try Hotel Bismillah

09 Nov 2016 15:53

What does Forest Side Curepipe Wd2 mean?

I am filling in a form and there is a difference between Forest Side Curepipe Wd2 and Forest Side Curepipe Wd3.... what does wd mean? How can I find the different areas? Many thanks

23 Aug 2017 04:20

Retrospective application for business registration to submit tax

In running a holiday rental apartment for 8months - the owner has now got around to registering for a business registration number and then in turn ready to submit income tax for the year as a sole owner.

Is there a fine to pay for not registering earlier?
Many thanks

21 Aug 2017 16:51

Documents required for Mauritian ID?

Please could you tell me what documents are required to take out a Mauritian ID? Does that make someone a 'Mauritian'? Thanks

11 Nov 2016 14:55

Do I have to pay the Property Registration Fee if I'm buying a second apartment?

I have a question on the latest Mauritian budget. I am a UK resident and have bought a new build apartment. As I am a first-time buyer - I did not incur a registration fee.

Now I am looking to buy a second apartment in the same new build block of apartments - and the developer has mentioned that as it is a new build, I would also be exempt from the registration fee even though it would be my second apartment. Is this correct?

Many thanks for any help!

08 Nov 2016 17:04
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